The teachers – including his homeroom teacher, Spanish, gym, music, art teachers (yes these are all individual people!!!) did a FANTASTIC job with my son over the past few years. They have given him a leg-up on elementary school that is miles ahead of others – and my hope is that translates to long-term academic success. This school found a way to be fun, engaging, caring, and wildly educational at the same time. He has spoken to me in sign language, Spanish and three tiered math equations. He has made the best friends of his life and my wife and I are convinced this is best $ we have ever spent. Our daughter is enrolled next fall. If you are interested in TEACHING, BUILDING, and PREPARING your child for the best shot at success – run to St. Michael’s and get involved.

David Meagher

My husband and I are so thankful we found St. Michael’s School. Being an Early Childhood Education major, I knew what I wanted in a preschool program. I wanted engaging, age appropriate curriculum taught by an energetic and educated staff. I wanted classrooms with low ratios, a welcoming environment and a sense of community among students, staff and parents. We found that and more at St. Michael’s.

St. Michael’s employs not only classroom teachers and aides, they also have art, music, Spanish, and physical education teachers to give the children a well-rounded education. They altogether prepared my oldest daughter for kindergarten, and she still asks to go back and visit because she loved her experience so much. My youngest loves to go every morning to see her friends and teachers. We cannot recommend this school enough. It has truly been a blessing for my family.

April Elliott


While researching preschools at the time for our soon to turn three-year-old, I discovered St. Michael’s School and what a treasure I discovered! From day one it was the perfect fit for our daughter. I immediately felt comfortable entrusting our child into such a warm and nurturing environment. The faculty truly care about each individual child. Initial tears and insecurities are quickly wiped away and more confident children emerge. Individual needs are recognized and addressed. From food allergies to positive discipline and reinforcement, every child is treated as an individual and character developement is strongly encouraged.

My child has grown and matured so much during her time at St. Michael’s. In addition, academic preparation for Kindergarten is, I believe, second to none. Initially one of the appealing aspects of the school was the Early Fives program. With an early September birthday, this program allowed her to progress each year with a new teacher, a new room and sequentially paced pedagogy. Not having to “repeat” at any point has helped her enormously. I know that she is more than prepared for Kindergarten and will be more than ready to face new challenges.

In my opinion, St. Michael’s School is one of the best kept secrets in Lexington. I strongly advise anyone looking at preschools for their child to visit. From the emotional and academic groundwork the faculty provide, to marvelous art projects, to the music program, physical education, Spanish…St. Michael’s has it all.

Mary Ryan

We have found a school in which our three children have thrived. With dedicated teachers and staff, we could not imagine a better environment for learning, playing, and social development. This school has prepared our children for elementary school and comes with our highest recommendation.

Amy and Will Harward